About Us

Welcome to Baking Intelligence

We are the gateway for mastering the art of baking, from the comfort of your home kitchen.

The Co-Founder of Baking Intelligence - Osarhieme Fola-Alade started baking as a hobby and then due to demand from family & friends began selling cakes commercially during her teenage years. She quickly became very skilled and known for her craft. However, an extended period working in the corporate world of Banking & Finance meant she temporarily mixed baking with her banking career for some years until when she exited the bank and established Sweetheart by Cassata.

Sweetheart by Cassata, grew in reputation both online & offline, and then progressed to opening Café Cassata in Lekki Lagos Nigeria. Osarhieme soon carved a niche for herself becoming well renowned in the baking industry for her scrumptious cakes & desserts. By late 2017 she was receiving more requests for training than she could possibly handle via conventional methods but she was keen to share her knowledge in an open & inclusive way.

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We are building exceptional bakers across the globe

In February 2018 Osarhieme Fola-Alade and her son Adeolu Fola-Alade Co-Founded Baking Intelligence as Africa’s first Full Elearning Platform specifically catering to bakers. Baking Intelligence operates from Accra Ghana, Lagos Nigeria and London UK. The users who register on the Baking Intelligence Platform have access to various modules with many hours of educational content in which they can learn various recipes & techniques for baking and decorating.


Baking Intelligence currently has over 140 tutorial videos hosted on our Elearning Platform from which students learn daily within their access periods. Students also get access to a large community of thousands of bakers from over 24 countries with whom they can network, ask questions and learn new things altogether.

Baking Intelligence has since grown to be Africa’s largest E-Learning knowledge platform for bakers having trained over 8000 students from 24 countries across it’s training platforms and impacted an even larger social media network of over 120,000 followers collectively across it’s social media handles. Baking Intelligence continues to grow everyday.