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February 12, 2018

22 responses on "Cassata Red Velvet Cake Recipe"

  1. Hi mam what is milk zest..
    And as well can wr decorate ds recipe with fondant especially on tiered cakes….
    Evening everyone…thanks ma

    • 1. Milk Zest is a flavouring oil with a very unique taste especially in Cassata Red Velvet. It is available on order from us. 2. This cake is a very soft and moist dessert cake and cannot withstand the weight of Fondant without losing its shape. However,if you want to decorate with fondant,you may add some extra all-purpose flour to the recipe e.g use 650g instead of 585g, that may work but it wont taste as nice.

  2. Thanks ma for the recipe but don’t understand the part of reconstituting Edible Red Powder.

    • You’re welcome. Reconstituting means getting the powder back into solution form ie mixing it with water to form a liquid which is then added to the wet ingredients. I detailed the proportions I use for this in the Instructor’s Notes.

  3. Thank you so much ma’am… I can’t wait to try it 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 It’s great honor being your student

  4. Gd afternoon ma Pls may I have the exact Ml of water to use in reconstitutiing the mix? 2 parts water will it be safe to assume that’s 2 cups and one part powder will be a cup this is with regards to the edible red powder

    • If you mix for example 4 tablespoons of water (quarter cup), with 2 tablespoons of edible red red powder (my brand), mix well and smoothen it out. You now have your reconstituted red colour solution. You can then measure out the quantity of red colour the recipe requires from that solution you have just mixed and reserve the remaining red colour solution in an airtight container for later use.

  5. Hello everyone. Good evening. Just wanted to as Mum if the Red powder can be added directly into the dry ingredients?

  6. Hello ma,this is the kind of recipe i v bin looking for all my life,simple and straight forward not all this mixing mixing😂. Thank you for the knowledge. My question is,I usually use red food liquid color and I realize we cant use that for this recipe,i have a powdered red color from payless. How do i ratio the powder to the water to reconstitute

    • Glad you’ve finally found the recipe you need. To reconsitute the colour into a solution, mix one part powder to two parts water. Mix well and smoothen out all the lumps. Then you can measure out what you need for the recipe and keep the rest of the solution till later.Remember to stir the solution well before future use.

  7. How can I order your red powder and milk zest?
    What’s the difference among oil, extract and essence of flavours?
    Is there no need to put water in the oven during baking?

    • Oils and extracts are the concentrates of the flavours so you need very little quantities of them for their taste to be rich in your cake. However essence is a highly diluted form of the flavour and you need a whole lot of it in the batter for your cake to taste rich. In fact you may sometimes practically empty a bottle of essence or two in your batter yet there wont be any remarkable taste. I highly recommend oils and extracts.

      To order from us send a Whatsapp message to +234 9099334105

      For your second question, there is need to put a pan or two of water in the oven while baking all fruit cakes and all white cakes. However you do not need to put water in the oven for the chocolate and red velvet cakes as they are already very moist and may become too moist if you do.

  8. Every red velvet cake I know has cocoa powder in it but there is no cocoa powder in this recipe, won’t it affect the taste of the cake?

    • I previously used cocoa powder in this recipe but when I realised it was adding no value except making the cake look brownish red, I removed it and the cake tastes and looks better. Pls note that this red velvet recipe is fully developed by me so you wont see it in any other recipe book or anywhere except its someone i’ve trained.

  9. Please what can I use in place of the red powder?

  10. How can I get the zest oil , I am in Ghana

  11. Hello Ma, why does some red velvet have the brown color at the base? Does just a teaspoon of cocoa powder have any effect on the color or taste? Must we line the pan as stated in the method above.

    • 1)Red velvet with brown at the base usually occurs when liquid colours are used for colouring. Powder, gel and paste colours are more reliable.

      2) Yes I discovered that even just a teaspoon of cocoa powder alters the colour of your cake to a brownish red, not sharp red, so I struck it out of my recipe. Also in terms of taste I dont see what it adds to the taste of the cake. I think cocoa in that quantity adds no special value to the cake except ruining the sharp red colour which is preferred.

      3) Yes,for this recipe it is a must to line the pan according to instructions because its a very moist cake and tends to stick to the pan at any little given opportunity. This method of greasing with shortening and then lining is the most reliable way of gently releasing this red velvet cake from the pan without accidents.

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