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February 28, 2018

26 responses on "Cassata Super Cotton-Soft Sponge Cake Recipe"

  1. Thank you ma. I just need some clarifications please.
    1. I don’t understand how to place the nylon.
    2. My oven only uses the bottom heat, the top heat does not work.
    3. When I add the egg yolk to the mix,do I use the mixer or whisk?

  2. Hi mam egg white cold do we have to put d eggs in d fridge..and d lemon juice can we buy d lemon juice or extract from original lemon seive n use like i really dont know what cream of tarta is

    • Yes, refrigerate your eggs before seperation and use.

      Yes, lemon juice freshly squeezed and sieved can be used.

      Cream of tartar is not actually a cream. It actually comes in the form of a white powder and is used to stabilize meringues.

  3. Hello Ma..
    what is the reason behind wrapping the lined pan with nylon or foil?

    • The reason behind the need to use a polythene/nylon bag and foil paper around the pan is to prevent water from seeping into the cake because practically all our local pans even brand new ones have unseen holes that let water seep into the cake and mess it up. Our members in the Uk/ US can skip this step of the nylon bag/foil paper. Also if you are using a Wilton Pan or any other high quality imported pan, you can skip the nylon/foil paper process. However if you are using a springform pan, no matter which brand, you need to use this nylon/foil process as water can seep in through the detachable base of the pan.

  4. Thank you ma. The cake is really complicated, I only hope there will be some visual demonstrations of the process. Once again, thank you

  5. Please when are we to use a mixer. It foes not say when in the recipe

  6. Ok I have seen it in the commdnt section. Thank you

  7. Also did not say when yo add flavour

  8. Thank you so much ma’am, it’s a great honor being part of this class. May Almighty bless you abundantly amen.
    Ma’am so we don’t need to add baking powder in this recipe?

    • Amen. You’re welcome Nafisa. I’m glad to impart knowledge and better our industry.

      Yes there is no baking powder required in this cake. The egg whites whipped to a meringue serve as the raising agent and the cake rises beautifully as long as instructions are followed.

  9. Is 108g the correct quantity of flour?

  10. What exact measurement do I use for either lemon or cream of tartar? And also, can I reduce the sugar without affecting the outcome of the cake

  11. Half teaspoon fresh lemon juice sieved or half teaspoon cream of tartar.
    No you cannot alter the sugar or any of the other ingredients in this cake. It will greatly affect the outcome.

  12. Hello ma, a quick question Pls. I discover we don’t use baking powder in all the cake recipes, reasons Pls

  13. Sanda OluwadamilolaMarch 22, 2018 at 5:59 amReply

    Can I make cupcakes using this recipe and how?

  14. Hello ma, a quick question Pls. I discover we don’t use baking powder in all the cake recipes, reasons Pls

  15. Baking powder is a raising agent and is derived from baking soda. In simple terms baking soda is the concentrate while baking powder is the diluted form. There are other types of raising agents such as egg whites whipped into a meringue. In the Cassata super-soft cotton sponge cake, egg whites are used as the raising agent so there is no need for any other raising agent. For my other recipes, if they have anything acidic in them like vinegar, lemon juice or even cocoa then they would have to be leavened by baking soda because baking soda is an alkali which needs an acid to activate it. This is why my recipes that call for baking soda always also have an acidic ingredient like vinegar, buttermilk, cream of tartar or yoghurt. If there is nothing acidic in the cake , baking powder alone can be used.

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