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February 18, 2018

20 responses on "Cassata Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe"

  1. Hello, i just realised the chocolate cake is a no egg mix. Wow! Nice.

  2. Good day ma and thanks once more for the recipe, l will like to know ma if Honeywell flour can be used for this cake?

  3. What is the shelf life of these cake?
    What kind of all purpose flour would you suggest as I buy my flour in bags?

    • Honeywell Flour is a good flour for cakes. The shelf life of the red velvet and chocolate cakes is about 3-4 days. Beyond that they should be refrigerated or frozen. The shelf life of the fruit cakes is at least 10-12 days minimum if it has been well treated with rum or brandy after baking as highlighted in the Instructor’s notes. Thereafter, the treatment can be repeated after 12 days or the cake refrigerated or frozen

  4. Gd afternoon ma
    Can honeywell flour be used for all cakes or only this particular chocolate cake?
    Secondly is it necessary to still put a pan of water in the oven while baking this chocolate cake

    Thank you

  5. Thanks for a job well done. I want to know if it’s necessary to put a bowl of water in the oven for this cake

    • It is not necessary to put a pan of water in the oven for this cake or the red velvet cake as they are already very moist cakes. They will get too moist. Water in the oven is recommended for all fruit cakes and white cakes.

  6. Unfortunately I just bought a bag of golden penny flour, can I still go ahead and use this for my practicals. So if am buying the next bag will switch to Honeywell

    • Since you’ve already bought it then I guess you’ve got to use it. But mind you, Golden Penny flour is Bread flour which is heavier than Honeywell flour but it is excellent for bread and makes cakes heavier and not as soft as they should be.

  7. Hi mam i saw that in ds recipe there is no butter or magerine in ds….wow am so happy my cost has reduced in so many ways and am smilling real good to d bank..i tell u what mam,i baked a wedding cake today n i checked how much i spent so far…wow amazingly awesome

  8. Good morning Ma,

    Please use the all measurement be leveled. Assuming I am using cups equivalent for the flour and sugar.

    Also can one use a hand mixer or it should be with a wooden ladle and hand.

    • 1)A mixer is not recommended for this recipe or you may end up with a dense and hard cake.

      2)If you must use cup measurement equivalents, pls ensure that you follow my video directions on measuring dry ingredients with cups.And yes they must all be levelled.

  9. Please where can I get the Oluji cocoa powder?

  10. Sanda OluwadamilolaMarch 18, 2018 at 6:52 pmReply

    Good evening ma’am
    Please why didn’t you add eggs? And can I dissolve the coffee in water?

    • Eggs are not essential for this recipe yet you get an excellent result which tastes better than recipes with eggs. My goal is to teach you a more cost effective way to run your cake business while getting the best results.

      Do not dissolve the coffee in water. Follow the instructions as shown in the video.

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