Have you ever wished you could bake, not just bake but bake those delicious, soft, super-moist cakes that make everyone keep coming back for more ? Have you tried baking cakes before but found the recipe confusing or too long, winding and full of ingredients that are just not available to you? Or are you an experienced baker and honestly know that your cakes are not at par with modern day soft moist cakes that melt in your mouth ?

In this course, i’ll take you through the basics of baking from scratch from showing you how to measure your ingredients to learning how to use equivalents and substitutes. You will learn some exciting and surprisingly simple recipes that will totally revolutionize the way you bake, and give you those breathtaking super-moist cakes you’ve always dreamt of. So lets go baking !

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Module 1 FREE 00:02:49
The Basics
Essential Equipment for This Module 00:05:36
Required Ingredients for Module 1 00:00:00
Preparing a Cake Pan 03:40:00
Lining A Cake Pan 00:04:46
Cocoaing A Cake Pan 00:01:39
How To Measure With Digital Scales 00:05:45
How To Measure with Manual Scales 00:04:50
Testing a cake 00:01:10
Removing a cake from the pan 01:38:00
How To Measure with Cups 00:00:00
How To Measure with Equivalents 00:00:00
Preheating An Oven 00:00:00
Cassata Easy-Bake Super Sponge Cake 00:16:00
Pan Size Guide 00:00:00
Baking A Cassata Super Moist Chocolate Cake(Assignment Included) 00:10:30
Baking A Cassata Super Moist Red Velvet Cake 00:08:20
Make Brown Sugar For Your Cassata Fruit Cake 00:00:00
Baking A Cassata Super Moist Fruit Cake(Assignment Included) 00:17:54
Preserving A Fruit Cake 00:07:10
Baking A Cassata Super Moist Carrot Cake FREE 00:11:05
Carrot Cake Quiz 00:05:00
Make Cake Flour The Cassata Way 00:00:00
Baking A Cassata Super Soft Cotton Sponge Cake 00:20:13
Baking A Cassata Super Moist White Velvet Cake(Assignment Included) 00:18:00
Tips for Perfectly Super Moist Cassata Madeira Cakes, Cassata White Velvet Cakes and Cassata Vanilla Dessert Cake. 00:00:00
Baking A Cassata Supermoist Vanilla Dessert Cake. 00:00:00
Baking A Cassata Supermoist Madeira And Marble Cake 00:17:00
Baking Cassata Supermoist Chocolate Brownies 00:00:00
Assignment Submission Guidelines
How To Submit an Assignment 00:02:00
Module 1 Assignments
Module 1 Assignments 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. The Basics of baking


    Without any prejudices ,I can boldly stand and shout at the top of my voice cassata is the way forward ,she teaches from the scratch I felt I was in a class, her words , actions procedures stays in your mind and head , for someone like me that has never baked my first trial was a huge success, it blew me away.

    Thank you And I will never forget this.

  2. 5

    This is really one of the best courses in baking I have taken. The style of teaching is very easy and broken down. she explains every aspect of baking and reasons behind each step, thus impacting good understanding as opposed to just giving out recipes. I would definitely recommend the classes to every baker .

  3. 100% worth attending


    The class will give you much more than you paid for. Prompt response and assistance from the tutor. No holding back on knowledge,she gives out the best tips to having a successful recipe, brands to purchase and much more. Its an award winning online class.



    Without mincing words, SWEETHEART BY CASSATA is the place to be! Most detailed tutor, highly innovative, yet motherly! The super interactive sessions with bakers of different calibres which cuts across the globe is the first of its kind. No doubt, CASSATA is my ‘numero uno’

  5. Module 1


    I am not a lady of many words. All i will say is IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. Way cheaper way to bake and get beautiful results. I wish i had these recipes like 4years ago😍. In short,I’m grateful

  6. Impressive


    Enrolled in this class hoping it wont be a waste of time as am not a baker but love deserts. But am honestly impressed with the professionalism of the team. And how simplified the classes are,that any level you are in baking,you can understand every step. Am completely happy and would continue to take more courses

  7. 5

    Ma’am u are simply the best, l have been baking for 4years now, but l had the best cake this week through your instructions. It was amazing and l was overwhelmed with joy. U are blessed already ma. No regrets at all being here.

  8. Great even for Complete Beginners!!!


    As a complete beginner I was worried the course would start at a level I would not understand, however, it has been so well detailed and accurate that I have not been lost at any point so far, and I have become much more confident with my baking compared to when I first started the module.
    Great attention is given to us the students and our needs, which feels great!
    This is so far the best online course I have ever taken !!!

  9. 5

    I’m new to the baking world, but I can boast that I know a lot about cakes now. It’s been a wonderful class so far. Mama Cassata is the best teacher any person can hope for, the wisdom impacted has been off the charts. I’m so happy I didn’t miss this opportunity. More grease to your elbows ma.

  10. Best of the Best


    Thanks so much for heeding to your calling and organising these lessons. Very easy to understand, its like you are standing next to me and teaching me. I like that its at my own pace and not rushed. You are always ready to offer solutions and advice, patient and very kind. The recipes are easy to understand and work on and very cost effective. I really appreciate you. God bless your beautiful heart.

  11. Simply wow


    The class is simply wow, a motherly instructor with easy and understandable recipes, cost effective which produces amazing, moist and delicious cakes.

  12. Best Baking Class Ever!!


    I’ve been through a couple of baking schools where I have to rise very early, make preparations, wade through traffic on a daily basis but none has so REMARKABLY upgraded my baking skills the CASSATA WAY or I wouldn’t have bothered signing up for this class in the first place. Easy-to-follow recipes and methods, availability of tools and ingredients and most importantly, COST MINIMIZATION at it’s best(the bedrock of every business organization). This is definitely one of the best decisions I have taken so far in my world of baking and in undiluted honesty, Cassata is fantastically Exceptional

  13. 5

    I believe every woman should have a skill regardless of her education or career.Cooking is one of the tools that keeps a home,baking is an aspect of cooking,side dishes are as important as main dishes,it brings life to your kitchen.This is my first course here and i must confess it is well detailed,this is how a course should be run,not just for profit making but impacting lives.No hypes maam,you deserve to open a culinary school,i would invest in your establishment over and over again.

  14. Worth It


    I have attended several baking courses before and I have to say this beginner course is by far the best I have ever experienced. It’s loaded with so much information on recipes and Technique, Mama Cassata our instructor gives very detailed material, both videos and written text, she is very generous with information, in all honesty she holds nothing back and goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is on track. The recipes are cost effective and very easy to follow and oh-so-delicious. This course is an excellent use of my money. I plan to be a student for other modules for sure!!

  15. 5

    This online course is one in a million. So much understanding, detailed process, great recipes and to top it all we have an amazing and loving tutor. Am very glad to be part of this wonderful class. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you ma

  16. 5

    What more can I say that has not been said but it will be a sin not to put in something. My experience so far has been awesome. The teacher student relationship is splendid, 100% attention from mama CASSATA. Always there even at odd times to put to rest your doubts and fears. CASSATA is grounded and it’s a place to be, trust me. I appreciate you for all the knowledge you have impacted , for your transparency. For us students, the sky is a stepping stone 😘

  17. You are exceptional.


    I have been part of several online trainings, but this is different, your recipes are wonderful. Your instructions explicit. You are simply exceptional!. This is my best move ever in my baking history. Thank you Cassata.



    I am so glad to be part of this class. it has been a wonderful experience with Mama Cassata, she’s really taking her time to put us through every bit of the class and am enjoying it all . Every Question you have to ask at any time of the day, she is ready to answer, and honestly i cant say if she sleeps at all. what amazes me most is the fact that she shares her secret recipes with every one of us at little or no cost.Its so amazing. I pray that the Lord will bless her beyond the imaginations of Men . Thank you Mama Cassata. You are the Best.

  19. Best ever cake course I have taken.


    Been baking for 7 years and I have never seen someone who breaks down a recipe like mummy cassata. It’s not just about learning a good recipe, she teaches you how to understand what makes up a good recipe hence allowing you know a potential good recipe once you see one even before baking. And for the amount charged, I just cannot thank her enough. Here is our very own Nigerian cordon bleu..

  20. The right place for bakers


    I’ve been baking for years now but have never been satisfied with the outcome of my cakes. I just decided to give this course a shot and I can say with so much boldness that everyone customer who has tasted the recipes I’ve learnt here comes back for more. A client came to pick her cake last Thursday, I offered her a cupcake (cassata chocolate cake recipe) cos we delayed a bit. Instantly she said ” Please I’m not a chocolate cake fan” but I told her to try it since I’m giving it to her with so much. This lady finished the cake in seconds and said “madam this chocolate cake is something else”. Maa Cassata, I just want to say a very big thank you and God bless you for this course. I have no regrets joining this online class. It is the best.

  21. 5

    Hi everyone, its a great pleasure to be part of this platform..I have been following cassatta cakes for a while, even before I started baking 4 years ago..I recommended her to few friends ..she has been wonderful, a good teacher..

    So far i have learnt a lot of new things, mostly baking with less or no eggs is what I cherish the most in this class and I wont help but say thank you mam for being a great teacher…

  22. Every bakers dream


    It is every bakers dream to bake, sell and make profit. Not just sell but sell cakes customers would want over and over again. How do you achieve that? A tough question for most bakers. However at ma cassatas baking intelligence you get this answer and so much more. It’s simple actually, once your enrolled, you learn the secret of baking not only delicious cakes but also super moist cost effective cakes! The greatest achievement for a baker is to bake and sell mouth watering super moist cakes. What are you waiting for? Join the league of great bakers by enrolling.

  23. I'm sooo happy I got this precious opportunity to be part of this


    I have participated in various online classes, I must admit,this is the best. The most interesting part of cassata recipes is that the recipes are sooo easy to the core, yummiest thing ever and cost effective. One thing I like about the recipes is that they are sooo moist u don’t need to add any sugar syrup to keep them moist. The class is worth every penny spent, I’m sooo happy I got this precious opportunity to be part of this.

  24. Authentic


    I have never been this confident about my baking skills. I am glad I took this course . It has really broaden my experience in baking. Thank you ma Cassata.

  25. Best baking course


    This is the best baking course I have been privileged to enroll in, at first I was sceptical considering its my first online course,but I was proven wrong, the video is really explicit and this course has taken my business to a higher level, the recipes are easy to make and cost effective,my clients are like wow and can’t seem to have enough of my cake,thank you for the shared knowledge and personal interaction with the students via whattsup, it’s been a whole and fulfilling experience I can’t wait to register for module 2 and 3.

  26. A PLACE TO BE..!!!


    I am so glad to be part of this class. it has been a wonderful experience with Mama Cassata, her instructions are explicit, well detailed and above all, she’s simply exceptional. She takes her time to explain, put everyone through and seriously, a classroom experience can’t be more than this. There is no how one won’t become an exceptional baker with her teaching and the secret recipes she shares at no cost at all…!!! This is my best move ever in my baking history and I pray that the Lord will bless her beyond the imaginations of Men . Thank you Mama Cassata. You are the Simply The Best!!!

  27. The Best so far


    I am still in the baking institution, even though I knew nothing before going to that institution, but still not satisfied with what the instructors have been teaching us. So when I saw the Baking Intelligence been advertised on my page I told myself why not try this online and see.
    I have not regretted registering for this Course online, not a bit no no. am not perfect though but I now know much more than what my instructors in my institution are teaching me now. thank you Ma. God bless you and extend you more. much grateful.



    wow! is my experience in this baking class. The recipes for all the cakes are so moist and unbelievable. so different from what i have been doing. I have been trying out the recipes one after the other and the results have been amazing! Thank you so much for letting others come into your space and you sharing your wealth of experience with us. You are a rare gem! Thank you

  29. First super moist chocolate cake I have ever baked.


    I just enrolled last night and I decided to try out the Cassata ultimate chocolate cake recipe. It’s fabulous.

  30. Awesomeness


    Am glad to be part of the family… The cassata family….God bless Baking intelligence….like the name….I am now intelligent with my baking… Am glad I joined this great family…

  31. Brilliant!!!


    Woww Mummy!!! you deserve all the accolades. Finally, my quest for the perfect cake recipe(s) have ended. I cant get over how fluffy and tasty my cakes have become. You are a genius and I thank God for the day I stumbled on the Baking intelligence advert. Keep up the good work ma!!!

  32. module 1


    This module has made me a pro . It is simple and easy and to follow. Baking intelligence is the best . I’m glad i took the course. Thank you Mum for imparting your knowledge to people like me who liked baking but couldn’t get it right always.
    I’m grateful.

  33. Who say u can't learn from the comfort of your home? I am so glad to be part of this class. it has been a wonderful experience in banking intelligence from the platform which is user-friendly, the tutor which her instructions are explicit, well detailed, and to the course mate who get ur back and put u through as well. The platform is simply exceptional. So bakers that find it difficult to travel to learn due to one reason or another pls register on these platform and you will not regert it.


    Who says u can’t learn from the comfort of your home? I am so glad to be part of this class. It has been a wonderful experience in Baking Intelligence from the platform which is user-friendly, the tutor which her instructions are explicit, well detailed, and to the course mates who have got ur back and put u through as well. The platform is simply exceptional. So bakers that find it difficult to travel to learn due to one reason or another pls register on this platform and u will not regret it

  34. Best Online baking School


    Wow! I never thought I could find an online baking school in Nigeria as it would be inconvenient for me to attend a physical one cos of my busy work schedule. I thank God for the day I found Baking intelligence. I took the free class and I was impressed ,so I decided to sign up for Module 1. So far, I have been able to bake the ultimate chocolate cake. Though not perfect but its a start for me.

  35. Well detailed


    This class is a well detailed class, those who pay attention to details would get it right too. I do not regret paying for this class. Thank you mummy cassata

  36. 5

    I am glad that i took this course. It was an eye opener on the various options abound in the world of baking.
    Like i never thought, baking without milk and eggs was possible, but i did it with guidance from here and i got great results.

  37. Thank you for the privileges ma


    God bless you..May you soar higher and higher… IJN.

  38. Best Online Baking Course


    I appreciate that the recipes are simple and the methods are easy to follow and grasp. This is hands down the best baking course I’ve undergone.

  39. Best online baking course


    I am super excited about this opportunity to learn baking from the scratch and with the very detailed information, tips and videos I must say this is the best online course by far. Thank you madam for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.



    Thanks for the team for putting this together.
    More wisdom ma . The class gave me more confidence and upgraded my skills 💃💃

  41. Module 1


    I’m now a pro! I’ve been busy making money from recipes in the book that I haven’t had time to give a review. This is the best thing that happened to me. I have learnt a lot of simple and at the same time mind blowing recipes. Thanks baking Intelligence crew!

  42. 5

    This particular course took me from zero to hero in baking . Thank you for the opportunity

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