The Origin Of Recipe Books And Why They Will Make You A Great Baker & Chef.

By Osarhieme Fola-Alade

What Is The Origin Of Recipe Books?

Recipe books have been around for thousands of years. The first known written recipes date back to ancient Mesopotamia, where recipes were inscribed on clay tablets in cuneiform script. These recipes were primarily for medical remedies and perfumes, but also included recipes for preparing food.

The ancient Egyptians also had recipe books, called “cookbooks,” which were written on papyrus and contained recipes for food as well as remedies and perfumes. In ancient Rome, recipe books were called “apicius,” named after Marcus Gavius Apicius, a Roman gourmet and author of a famous cookbook.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, recipe books were often handwritten and passed down within families. These recipe books often contained not just recipes for food, but also instructions for making household items such as soap and candles.

With the advent of printing in the 15th century, recipe books began to be printed and sold commercially. Some of the earliest printed recipe books were written in English, such as “The Forme of Cury,” which was written in the 14th century and contained over 200 recipes.

Today, recipe books come in a variety of formats, including physical books, e-books, and online resources. They continue to be a popular source of inspiration and guidance for home bakers, cooks and professional chefs alike.

*6 Great Benefits of Owning Recipe Books For Bakers & How They Make You A Great Baker, Cook & Chef*

There are several benefits to buying recipe books. Here are 6 below:

1. Recipe books provide a wide variety of recipe ideas and inspiration:

Recipe books often include a wide range of recipes, from traditional recipes to modern twists on classic recipes. This can help you discover new and exciting cuisine and bakes to try out, and give you ideas for cakes, desserts and meals that you might not have thought of on your own.

2. Recipe books can help you improve your baking and cooking skills:

Many recipe books include detailed instructions and tips for successful baking or  cooking, as well as information on different cooking and baking techniques and ingredients.

Reading through a recipe book can help you learn new skills and techniques, which will make you a great baker and chef overall.

3. Recipe books can be a convenient reference point:

When you are baking or cooking, it is helpful to have a recipe book nearby so you can refer to it as needed and make the best recipes ever!

This can be especially useful if you’re trying out a new recipe for the first time, or if you’re trying to replicate a cake, dessert or dish that you had at a restaurant. In no time you will be the most sought after bakers, cook or chef.

4. Recipe books can be a fun and enjoyable way to learn about food, cakes, desserts, pastries, baking and cooking:

Many people find baking to be a relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable hobby, and recipe books can be a great way to explore widely different cuisines and amazing cake & dessert recipes from around the world,  thereby discovering new recipes to try. Reading through a recipe book can be a fun and engaging way to learn more about food, cakes and bakes, and can even inspire you to try new ingredients and techniques in your own baking or cooking.

5. Recipe books are time saving:

Recipe books save the baker, cook and chef a lot of time and effort they would have had to put into scouting for good recipes all over the place and doing lots of trials and errors which may infuriate their customers if some of their bakes or cuisine turn out bad.

Since recipe books are a collection of the author’s tried and tested recipes, and not some random recipes lifted off the Internet which the baker cannot trust, owning recipe books authored by trusted and reputable bakers is the best way to go for those who intend to make a mark in their industry.

6. Recipe books are a safe way of storing your favourite recipes without losing them, particularly if you have them in both hard and soft copies.

With hard copies you get to hold in your hand and feel your book with all your favourite recipes, connecting with the author in a personal way. If you are a physical book lover, you know that there is absolutely nothing as good as holding your favourite recipe book in your own hands. You also enjoy the physical beauty of the book and can have it adorn your kitchen or recipe book library shelf for a long time to come with you continuosly making easy reference to them. 

For soft copies/ e-books you get to keep your recipe book collection of favourite recipes practically forever as long as you have them in your email or hard drive. So that no matter what happens, even if you lose your hard copy for any reason whatsoever, you won’t lose your soft copy or e-book. You absolutely get to keep using your e-book as a reference point forever.

To own some amazing recipe books, check out my highly detailed, step-by-step recipe books with Instructor’s Notes, which will take your baking, decorating and cake business many notches higher and alsi make you and your baking craft the absolute talk of the town. Click here.

December 22, 2022

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