Welcome to Module 8

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Module 8 – Yoghurt Making.

There was a time years ago when I used to think yoghurt making was such an esoteric skill not meant for mere mortals, but only for super humans. All that has changed now.

Yoghurt making is for every individual who will take the time to learn this simple skill which eventually means more money in the pocket (by spending less on commercially produced yoghurt for your personal consumption and production of your cakes and desserts, or even becoming a yoghurt entrepreneur).

Yoghurt making also means a much healthier lifestyle for you and your family, as regular yoghurt intake has very many health benefits and you can do this for much less when you make your own yoghurt.

Whatever be the reason why you are learning this skill, you’ve definitely made one of the wisest choices of your life if you want a healthier lifestyle, and one of your wisest career choices if you are in the cakes and desserts business.

Enjoy your learning.

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